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Product Name : SAMAKI PACEMAKER 180D
Brand : SAMAKI
Category : Lures - Hardbodies : Samaki Lures
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Samaki Pacemaker sets the pace for high speed trolling lures. Pacemaker’s sleek design has been tweaked and fine-tuned to allow you to troll faster with a wider trolling spectrum to attract a variety of aggressive fish species.

Pacemaker also has the flexibility to troll at high or low speed with an ideal troll speed sitting at 6 knots for most pelagic species. The Pacemaker handles this with ease and can even increase its speed up to 15 knots in most models. Structurally sound the Pacemaker incorporates a one piece stainless steel welded wire, heavy duty split rings, VMC 3X Perma steel hooks, realistic fish-eye, prism tape insert and unique Samaki designed colour concepts including slimey mackerel, yellow fin tuna and mullet . Get out onto the water with the new Pacemaker to target Tuna, Mackerel, Wahoo, Barramundi, Kingfish and more.


Length: 180mm

Diving Depth: 2.5+ metres

Troll Speed: 3-15+ Knots