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The latest Bigfish flathead shirt is almost camouflage in style and colour. The illustration beautifully depicts the reflections of really clear water over a typical weed bed and a flathead about to engulf a white grub style soft plastic. This shirt is exactly what you need to keep cool and protected from the sun when out on the water chasing one of our favourite estuary species.


Bigfish Graphics is a fishing apparel and graphic design company based in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.
All Bigfish shirts are made from the highest quality, Australian weaved polyester. This sports dry material is designed for the tropics (they know, they’ve been extensively tested up there) and is incredibly soft to feel, unbelievably cool, durable, UPF 50, and lightweight. The material is much cooler than cotton, will not fade or shrink like cotton, does not require ironing and is far more durable.
Quite often the difference between a great looking shirt and a great wearing shirt is the quality of fabric and Bigfish proudly stand by (or in) theirs. Bigfish produce a range of shirts that not only look great, but our customers want to wear for their comfort, style and of course sun protection.
All Bigfish products, from concept and design through printing to final seaming are produced right here in Australia. Bigfish proudly state they’re products are 100% Australian.
Bigfish proudly boast they’re shirts are second to none in softness, appearance, and cooling ability.
What makes Bigfish Clothing so good?
UPF 50 broad-spectrum sun protection from 97.5% of UVA & UVB rays.
Completely designed, printed, manufactured and distributed in Australia
Ultra cool, designed in the tropics to be lightweight, soft and comfortable.
No feel - The dye actually becomes part of the fabric and does not inhibit the breathing qualities of the material, no matter what the colour.
The breathable, quick drying fabric won’t slow down an active outdoor lifestyle like a heavy, wet, clammy cotton shirt, yet it provides over 5 times the UPF protection.
Won’t wash off like sunscreen. Easy to use-reduces the hassle and uncertainty of applying body-covering sunscreen.
Quick drying won’t fade or break down - great in all weathers! Bright colours make your child easy to spot!
Clean and Green - No harsh chemicals used in the printing or pressing process.
The Skin Cancer Foundation, recommends sun protective wear as a sun protection measure.

The softest, coolest shirt you will wear.....
This Australian weaved material is incredibly cool, the inner weave is tight and smooth whilst the outer weave is designed to wick away perspiration. The gentlest breeze will immediately give you the air conditioned effect. It dries exceptionally quick whilst retaining its breath ability. Not only is the material soft and cool, it’s incredibly durable. Unlike cotton that breaks down as you wash it, 100% polyester is far more durable and will retain its UPF factor for much, much longer.

You sure they’re not hot?
This is probably the most frequently asked question. The answer is no, they are certainly not hot. In fact, the fabric was originally designed for Australia’s blistering heat. The material is similar to that worn by long-distance bike riders and other athletes. While they cover more of the body, they are made of a relatively tightly-woven, lightweight and cool material. Even the American Academy of Dermatology states that tightly-woven clothing reflects heat and helps to keep you feeling cool.
CHEST MEASUREMENTS - Taken from under the armpit seam - this is an all-round measurement and will need to be halved if measuring an existing shirt.
S - 105cm
M - 110cm
L - 119cm
XL - 129cm
2XL - 140cm
3XL - 150cm