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Pakula Witchdoctor Teaser 'The Hippy'

The Original Pakula Witchdoctor Teaser

The 100% Australian Pakula Hippy Witchdoctor is the first commercially made Witchdoctor dating back to the early 1980's. It's the most copied where others couldn't even come up with their own colour scheme or decals. Note all Pakula Witchdoctors have Pakula logos or engraving on them.

The Original Wooden Pakula Witchdoctor Teasers Made in Australia - Reintroduced October 2018

The Aussie made Witchdoctors are wood with two pack paint, perspex mirror which is waterproofed. These should be washed after each use and dried in the shade. Do not put wooden Witchdoctors with Mirrors in bags until they are dry which can take quite a while. Best to wrap them in an old towel or dishcloth that breathes.


Note: The Real Original 100% made in Australia Pakula Witchdoctor Teaser does not come with bags or tow rope which are optional extras.


The Pakula Witchdoctor, the most copied teaser on the planet is still the 'GO TO' solution for exciting all species of predatory Game Fish including all species of Marlin, Spearfish, Mahi Mahi and all species of Tuna in just about every Game Fishing destination on the planet.


At all normal trolling speeds, the Witchdoctor stays deep below the prop wash, sending out irresistible vibrations flashing reflected shafts of light. It never comes to the surface to interfere and tangle with trolling lines and importantly it's very easy to deploy and retrieve.


Although the Witchdoctor is called a teaser it is really more of an exciter because unlike traditional teasers which are often attacked by predators which often need to be 'switched' to a bait or lure the Witchdoctor acts as another predator and triggers the competitive nature of pelagic fish in grabbing a meal before the others have a chance, so the bites on baits and lures are more aggressive than when using traditional teasers often resulting in better hook up rates.


The Witchdoctor Teaser was Peter Pakula's first invention in around 1969, initially designed for use while trolling live and dead baits, and still after all these years the Pakula Witchdoctor is still one of the best fish exciters on the market.


Product Specifications:

Product Code: WDH

Brand: Pakula

Type: Teaser Lure

Colour: Hippy

Made in Australia




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