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Experience Topwater Mastery with AW Fishing Lure Pack - Pro Lure SF62 Topwater Pencil 5 Pack:
Embark on an exhilarating fishing adventure with the AW Fishing Lure Pack, featuring the Pro Lure SF62 Pencil Lures. These lures are masterfully designed for a finesse approach to topwater fishing, making them ideal for anglers who revel in the thrill of surface strikes. Whether targeting Bream, Bass, or Whiting, these lures excel during summer months when fish are active in the shallows.

Each lure in this pack is a floating, slim-profile baitfish imitation, designed for subtle surface presentations. The anticipation of watching fish circle and strike at these lures is unmatched, providing an exhilarating experience for any angler. Equipped with two chemically sharpened treble hooks, these lures are not only effective but also ready for immediate action, promising some of the most fun and successful topwater fishing experiences.

Included in the Pack:

1x Pro Lure SF62 Pencil Lure 62mm CS (Candy Shrimp): A vibrant choice for clear water.
1x Pro Lure SF62 Pencil Lure 62mm UM (Ultra Minnow): Mimics small baitfish effectively.
1x Pro Lure SF62 Pencil Lure 62mm VS (Violet Shrimp): Perfect for dusk or dawn fishing.
1x Pro Lure SF62 Pencil Lure 62mm GS (Ghost Shrimp): Ideal for stealthier approaches.
1x Pro Lure SF62 Pencil Lure 62mm PS (Pearl Shrimp): A classic choice for sunny days.

Brand Pro Lure
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