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Megabass Magdraft Swimbaits - Rigged

A Favourite among Murray Cod anglers for its ease of use and high catch rates, the Magdraft from Megabass is a large soft plastic swim bait that runs the Maghold system for direct contact from line to hook. Also very effective on big Barra and Mulloway with a colour range to suit a variety of conditions.

At 8” and over 3oz, the MAGDRAFT is large meal meticulously crafted for a thumping tail action that travels through the body, giving the head a subtle side-to-side shimmy that sends vibrations through the water column. Built for trophies, the MAGDRAFT is equipped with a robust wire-through construction firmly joining line eye to hook for decisive hook-ups and control.

Equipped with a belly slit to bury the hook, and a patented MAG-HOLD SYSTEM to keep it in place, the big treble hooks doesn’t get in the way of MAGDRAFT’s natural swimming motion. Furthermore, by keeping the hook tight to the body, it hides the treble from wary predators.

*Please note, the MAGDRAFT is tuned specifically for that combination of head-shaking and tail-thumping action, and therefore must be retrieved at the correct speed. We suggest sticking to a moderately-geared reel, such as a 5.3:1 ratio. Practice with your MAGDRAFT to find your sweet spot, which is generally a medium-slow to medium retrieve speed. Too fast, and it will come up. Too slow, and it will sink/drag the tail without activating the head section. Your MAGDRAFT will tell you when it is right, with a thumping action that you can feel in your rod tip!


Product Features: 

8 Screw tailing design

Dynamic defusing body

Stabilizing hydro fin

Direct fighting system

Rigged with Treble Hook

Brand Megabass
Shipping Weight 0.1500kg

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