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Nomad DTX Minnow Floating Lure - DTXB1G1

120mm/ 4.75"  - 8m/ 26ft - Comes fitted with 2 x 1/0 BKK 4X Treble Hooks

Another high quality offering from nomad design, the DTX minnow comes in a range of sizes and has been huge all over the world for trolling for massive oceanic pelagic species.

DTX 120 Minnow 1.25oz dives to 28ft. Full wire construction. Can be cast or trolled. Autotune system fitted to ensure perfect straight and deep trolling. Ideal to troll offshore or in freshwater from 1kn-6kn. Dives super deep at slow speeds.

The DTX Minnow is a revolution in trolling minnows, featuring the Nomad Autotune, Hydrospeed, Diamond Armour and Gorilla Through Wire advanced design technology. The Autotune design provides for 2 key features– maximum diving depth, and the ability to ensure the lure always swims straight. The DTX minnow with Autotune will always swim straight, first time and every time, no matter how many fish you catch.

The other key feature of the Autotune system is the amazing diving depth that can be achieved. The ability of the system to perfectly centre itself every time on the bib means that the towpoint can be designed to be as far back on the bib as possible, effectively just forwards of the point where the lure becomes unstable and won’t swim. However, having the towpoint as close to this “point of not swimming” is what achieves maximum diving depth, but it can only be done with a perfectly centred towpoint. Traditional fixed eyelet trolling lures are unable to position the towpoint this far back on the bib and have to allow room for error in the manufacturing process. 


In addition to the Autotune technology, the concealed Hydrospeed belly eyelet allows faster trolling speeds with single hooks, and ensure the lure is balanced with single hooks, so the DTX minnow just keeps swimming straight and true. The additional belly eyelet in front of the Hydrospeed eyelet is designed to be able to fit an assist hook onto when targeting large tuna and marlin. For tips on how to rig your DTX minnow for marlin and tuna, please see the website videos.



Product Features:

Auto Tune Bib System

Gorrilla Through Wire System

Hydrospeed Belly Eyelet

Fitted with Premium BKK Hooks


Product Specifications:

Product Code: DTX120F

Brand: Nomad

Length: 120mm

Type: Floating

Weight: 35g

Depth: 8m/ 26ft








Barcode # 9351482009052
Brand Nomad
Shipping Weight 0.0900kg

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