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The Caldia meets Monocoque (MQ) design in the brand new 21 Daiwa CALDIA MQ. Undoubtedly one of Daiwa’s flagship technologies, MQ design enables the holy grail of reel design. A reel that is more compact and lighter, yet at the same time provide a larger gear box & increased strength. By equipping Caldia with MQ technology, a significant increase in gear size has been achieved, whilst making the overall reel itself even lighter than previous generations.

At the heart of the new MQ body is a Tough Digigear design that provides smooth & powerful reeling performance. The new ZAION V rotor construction achieves minimal start-up inertia, giving the angler the feeling of almost weightless rotation.

A Magseal body pairs with the MQ design to further inhibit ingress of contaminants into the reel body, prolonging the life of the reel significantly. Daiwa’s ATD Drag system, Airbail & Long Cast ABS II spool design are all present and make this Caldia the best yet. 


Product Features: 

ABS-Longcast Long Cast Spool Technology

Compared to conventional spools, the LC-ABS has been shown to increase the average flight distance by approx. 5% due to its reduced weight and modified shape.


Daiwa’s innovative bail design features a hollow tubular stainless steel bail that delivers maximum rigidity and strength with minimum weight. Featuring a smooth protrusion-free design and construction line easily slides unencumbered along the Air Bail towards the line roller for trouble free line control.

Air-Rotor Lightweight Rotor

Lighter, stronger, and more balanced than any rotor system that’s come before, ‘Air Rotor’ delivers a great leap forward in rotor design and function and delivers the ultimate line roller support. Made from Zaion and featuring a redesigned arch that disperses pressure to the lower section of the rotor to reduce stressing and flexing, the design is further enhanced with a hollowed-out construction reducing weight, while increasing reel sensitivity and rotational balance.

ATD-Drag (Automatic Tournament Drag)

Daiwa’s Automatic Tournament Drag uses an improved drag grease that exhibits a low viscosity at rest yet becomes more viscous immediately after drag start up. This reduces initial drag start-up inertia, combined with the structural changes of the ATD Drag System results in a smoother drag from the initial hook up.

CRBB (Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings)

Lasting 12 times longer than standard stainless-steel bearings Daiwa’s CRBBs feature specially treated stainless steel, and a protective shield on the bearing race that seals out sand, fine grit, salt crystals and other abrasives. The result is a longer lasting bearing that’s protected from the corrosive elements that destroy traditional bearings.

Finesse Drag

Designed for low start-up inertia finesse applications, and where minute incremental adjustment, and silky-smooth consistent drag pressure is required. 


Ultimate protection is delivered to the engine room of the reel with a magnetised oil seal located on the main shaft of the reel’s rotor shutting the door to the elements and unwanted intruders. Dust, water, and salt intrusion into the inner workings of a reel are a thing of the past with MagSeal.

Monocoque – One Piece Body

A one-piece frame eliminates the use of traditional two-piece body & sideplate construction. A single piece body utilises a screw-in engine plate to house the main gear, reducing flex and twist under load creating a sealed mechanism. The elimination of the side plate also has also allowed for a more compact body design. MQ technology not only makes reels stronger & better sealed, but also more compact.

Tough Digigear – Larger Diameter - Bigger Teeth

A further evolution of its predecessor Digigear, Tough Digigear is our brand new digitally designed, machine cut gearing system that ensures ultimate gear precision, rotational smoothness, and strength.

Zaion V Body – Woven High-Density Carbon Resin

A new generation of lightweight Daiwa’s resin and carbon material. The Zaion V material is both strong and incredibly lightweight.


Product Specifications:

Product Code


Braid Cap.

Gear Ratio


Drag Power


21690 21 Caldia MQ LT FC 1000S PE 0.4/ 150m 5.1:1 6BB; 1RB 5kg 170g
21691 21 Caldia MQ LT FC 2000S PE 0.4/ 200m 5.2:1 6BB; 1RB 5kg 175g
21692 21 Caldia MQ LT FC 2500S PE0.8/ 200m 5.3:1 6BB; 1RB 5kg 195g
21693 21 Caldia MQ LT 2500 PE0.6/ 200m 5.1:1 6BB; 1RB 10kg 190g
21694 21 Caldia MQ LT 3000 PE 1/ 200m 5.2:1 6BB; 1RB 10kg 215g
21695 21 Caldia MQ LT 4000-CXH PE 1.5/ 200m 6.2:1 6BB; 1RB 12kg 230g

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